Term Two 2010 is a term to focus on taking digital photos (Photo Fever) with the aim of the digital cameras in classrooms (each class has one) being used daily.

The way were are going to do this at school is through a series of posters and slide shows. Which will be given to teachers each week.

The posters will be in 'kid speak', in colour and laminated so will form a classroom display. As with most classrooms display space is at a premium so I am designing the posters with 'windows' in mind :)

The slide shows will be a collection of photos that showcase the skill being covered that week.

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for teachers!!

Each of the photos and slide shows will be loaded on the wiki hopefully by the end of the holidays so that everyone knows where we are heading.


The 'main' heading

Landscape photos

Portrait photos

Zoom photos

Close up

Examples to support classroom teachers

Examples to support classroom teachers

What we are aiming our photos to look like by the end of term two :)