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Steven Heppell

In secondary schools so much time wasted on the timetable! Changing room, re-settling etc
School design was 'convenient' "back then"
Portland Acadamy - currently being built 0-21years crawl in as a baby ... stagger out as a graduate
  • 6 schools closing for this 1 . (1800 kids)
  • No child will be expelled
  • Built in the middle of a quarry
Me We See
  • Me - My private stuff, place I can take risks (cellphone)
  • We- Yourself, your classmates, family (facebook)
  • See - celebrate with the community, IDEA: Projector on the glass of outside window
Talk to chn about designing learning spaces
  • they see things we don't see
  • they see 3d they want to know whats happening with 'the other half of the room' roof etc
Most important fuction of the library......archive students work! (SEE)
Some very cool layered ' banana' seats IF you have a massive classroom

Round tables rocking stools on computer per 4 kids (PHOTO)

6000 children asked to bring a item of furniture from home to help them learn - not one child has produced a proper chair so whay are we making kids sit on them every day?

Community of learners why do we have a staffroom?? if we are all equal learners why do we have a special place for the 'old' learners. It is important to have a chill out space for everyone. Dress the space

If you want chn to be excited about learning they need to be in exciting spaces!
Concave benches instead of straight kids can lean in, lean foward

If comps are facing walls put mirrors on wall, the change will be amazing!! naughty kids face walls not kids who are learning. It will be the biggest difference you see in your learning

Ideal teaching space...
No more than 3 walls holds 3 teachers 3 classes


My thinking model.....

step by step
uses prior knowledge
asks questions
risk taker


Consensus on the KC (from the room)
  • non-linear
  • complex
  • overlap
  • situational
  • quality
  • open-ended

My non-thinking model
  • supratic
  • impulsive
  • idiotic
  • laze fare

KC can only be demonstarted/observed in authentic situations

The highly competent individual demonstrates this cometency
  • consitently over time
  • in a range of contexts from familiar to challenging
  • a high level of intricity, complexity
  • autonomously - without support and uninitiated

Managing Self Ruberic Otautau School

Consistently ------ Occassionally Frequent Routinely
Context ---------- Familiar New/different Challenging
Complexity --------- simple compound complex
mindfulness ---- imitator initiator autonimius

Consistently ---- seldom sometimes usually almost alwaysd
Context ---- in class out of class new/changed challenging
Complexitity------ simple moderate complex sophisticated
Attitude/disposition motivation --- extrinsic -- intrinsic
reactive --- proactive
bystander --- initiator


Not the social media that does the motivating it is the teacher!! Ohhhhh I like that!!!

  • nature of change
  • change in education
  • social media
  • digital literacies
  • personalised learning
  • questions
Very difficult to predict technology. Need to see practical applications
The lords prayer in text language PUT LINK
Any teacher who can be replaced by a computer ... should be - Arthur C Clarke
Drs save lives .... Teachers make lives!

I will try and talk Leanne to adding the breakouts she went to so we get a wider view of Ulearn10